What a robust bunch of hard working folks! ACE Hardware you ROCK!!

On Friday, January 23, 2009 a team of 60 amazing ACE Hardware store owners and mangers from all over the country performed 6 hours of volunteer service to give Promiseland Preschool a facelift as part of the Child Care Facility Improvement Project through United Way Capital Area.

As one of the coordinators for the day, I had a fabulous time. This group was enthusiastic from start to finish, even to the point of arriving early on one of Austin’s “Duck Adventure” vehicles.

Although the project was an ambitious one you folks just rolled up your sleeves and went at it without hesitation! Here is a run down of your amazing day!

  • Performed 360 hours of service
  • Moved an entire play structure
  • Built a wooden swing structure with two swings
  • Renovated a storage shed (i.e. installed windows, shelves, built a 12 foot porch with benches, including a ramp for kids to put their tricycles away each day
  • Constructed two tricycle paths
  • Constructed 2 sand boxes and hand customized 2 picnic tables
  • Unloaded a truck full of sand
  • Assembled and hung 14 cabinets in 5 classrooms
  • Stabilized and installed new locks on 10 cribs in the Infant Room
  • Customized a 10 X 14 room into a storage room, including media storage
  • Assembled a gazebo and built a floor in it
  • Installed 50’ of chain link fence to separate the playgrounds
  • You even found time to paint, trim trees and cut back bushes!

THANK YOU ACE Hardware for partnering with United Way Capital Area and Hands On Central Texas and for making a huge impact in the Austin community. The director and teachers of Promiseland Preschool are ecstatic with the transformation of the playground.

Lot of kudos for raising the bar and setting an example for other companies, no matter how large or small, that everyone can make a difference.

Please post your comments of your amazing day!

Diana A. Santos
Corporate and Volunteer Relations, Director
Hands On Central Texas, a program of United Way Capital Area

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