WLC Spotlight: Co-Chairs Anu Reddy and Robyn Eckermann

UWATX is delighted to introduce our Women’s Leadership Council Co-Chairs, Anu Reddy and Robyn Eckermann.

These ladies are excited to be part of one of the most powerful, female-driven philanthropic forces in Central Texas!

Anu Reddy

Anu Reddy grew up in India and moved to Austin twenty years ago. She is the dedicated mother of two boys and is a Regional Sales Specialist at VMWare.

When asked how her membership with WLC has helped her advance her goals, Anu said, “I’ve always wanted to give more than just through a monthly paycheck contribution to a charity of choice. WLC gives me a chance to see the direct impact of my contribution. Professionally, I get to meet so many other amazing like-minded women from various backgrounds.”

“I get to meet so many other amazing like-minded women from various backgrounds.”

The WLC is committed to issues surrounding improving early childhood education and ensuring quality care for Austin’s youngest citizens.

When choosing early education centers for her own children, Anu looked for facilities that had a reputation of excellence and that offered real-time footage so she could check on her children while at work.

Anu is a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ and enjoys trying new restaurants, playing tennis and reading. She is also a fan of Kendra Scott, a well-known female entrepreneur from Austin.

Anu believes that generosity Makes Austin Greater. She is proud to be a part of the Greater Austin community, where people readily band together to help others.

Robyn Eckermann 

Robyn Eckermann, originally from Longview, Texas, is the proud mother of two young boys. She is the Vice President of Strategic Planning for HCA’s Central and West Texas division, which includes St. David’s HealthCare in Austin and Las Palmas Del Sol HealthCare in El Paso, Texas.

Robyn’s active involvement with the WLC has allowed her to achieve her goals by remaining flexible and fluid.

She worries that some people, especially busy moms, give up on volunteering because they aim too high and become overwhelmed. They want to conquer a big cause, do something monumental. Thus, making a difference becomes something that requires large chunks of time and quickly becomes an insurmountable task.

“I have learned a tremendous amount about the state of childhood education in Greater Austin”

“The WLC has been incredibly accommodating in finding creative ways to allow me to fit volunteer opportunities in with my busy work and family schedule. I have also learned a tremendous amount about the state of childhood education in Greater Austin – a subject near and dear to every mother.”

When choosing early childhood centers, Robyn and her husband began researching options for their dual-career family early into her first pregnancy. Items of special importance to them included structure, safety and socialization.

The Eckermanns are pleased with the quality of early care that their boys have received. They use feedback from their boys about their happiness, as well as their overall kindergarten-readiness as a barometer for their decision.

Robyn enjoys capturing the moment and always keeps her camera close by when it involves her children. She has had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys for 30+ years. In fact, her family has never had Thanksgiving outside of the Cowboys parking lot!

According to Robyn, every effort – big or small – makes Austin Greater.

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