WLC Tours Northeast Austin Play To Learn session

Play To Learn:

An 8-week parent education course that teaches parents how to help their children become school ready and incorporates tablet technology.

On a cool November morning, Women’s Leadership Council members met in Northeast Austin to take an exclusive look at Play To Learn, a project of the UWATX Success By 6 program that works to reach vulnerable young children. Thirteen eager toddlers sang, danced, and played as their mothers and fathers looked on with pride.

At Play To Learn, parents join in the fun as skilled facilitators guide them with helpful tips and child development information.

Kaley Horton discusses Play To Learn with WLC members“As part of the evaluation model, families are interviewed three times: before the program, at the end of the 8 week course and 3 months after the program,” said Kaley Horton, Success By 6 Project Coordinator. “Our first Play To Learn cohort just passed the three month mark and received their tablets. We’ve really been able to see what a valuable family tool the tablet is for vulnerable families.”

WLC members left the tour with an even greater understanding of and appreciation for SB6’s work in the community:

  • “I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this unique program that is clearly impacting the lives of the families that are a part of it. Seeing it in person had a great impact- the parents were very engaged with their children and with the learning activities today.” – Judy Donigan, Sales Manager at 3M 
  • “It was wonderful to finally get to see the program in person. The parents and children were focused and engaged, and everyone was having a great time.” – Mollie Duckworth, Senior Associate at Baker Botts
  • “I was impressed to see how engaged the children and parents were during center time, and how quickly the children responded to hearing the ‘clean-up’ song and happily transitioned into the closing circle time. You could really sense the joy in the room and we could see that the children and parents will be more prepared for school and for life as they leave the program in a few weeks.” – Andrea Stover, Attorney at Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody 

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