Women's Giving Network Holiday Party

On Saturday, December 1, 2007, members and friends of the Women’s Giving Network (WGN) came together at The Allan House to celebrate the holiday season and to give back to those in need.

The holiday party was a wonderful time to visit with old and new friends, fill up on hot apple cider and peppermint cookies, and experience a joyful ‘Ho, Ho, Ho” from Santa Claus!

But, this event was also a time for the Women’s Giving Network to support the Success By 6 Play and Learn Groups. In the Play and Learn Groups’ inaugural year, WGN has committed both financial and volunteer support of the project that will enable low-income children and parents to receive early childhood education. Members of WGN brought an assortment of school supplies to donate and assembled gift bags to be passed out to the students in the new year.

The generosity of the guests was overwhelming. The assembly table was full of crayons, markers, and Play-Doh galore! In total, the gifts allowed for the initial 30 gift bags, one for each family, and plenty of extra supplies to be used throughout the program. In fact, all the donations would have provided for more than 50 gift bags!

A big THANK YOU to the Women’s Giving Network! The Play and Learn Groups will surely benefit from the generosity!

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